//You can right click or long press the image to download it.//

To celebrate Stranger Things S3 is on Netflix,  I resized my Stranger Kitties wall paper to a taller size so it might fit your phone better.

The wallpaper is for personal use only. Enjoy!

Here’s the shop that you can support me by grabbing some lucky cat stickers from me for yourself or your cat lover friends.


Let me know how you like it if you download this wallpaper and use it. It will make me really happy~d(`・∀・)b


——————–─=≡Σ((( つ•̀ω•́)つ


慶祝怪奇物語3上架 Netflix,我把2017年做的喵奇物語桌布重新調整成適合現在很多長型手機的尺寸,希望你用得開心~ 想當初的手機都是短型的,時間過得真快。嗚嗚~

成功下載使用了這個桌布歡迎分享你的螢幕截圖給我,讓我知道桌布有被使用中。  d(`・∀・)b 我會很開心的~




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